Avente was founded on the principles of integrity and trust. We believe in putting our clients first and are committed to delivering outstanding results through a dynamic, innovative process. We treat our clients, employees, and partners like family, knowing that trust results in the greatest outcome.

Latest Technologies

Avente develops applications per client specifications and applies layers of proprietary technologies like:
-Artificial Intelligence
-Machine Learning
-Augmented Reality
-IoT Connectivity
-AWS Buildout

Outstanding Results

Avente meticulously enacts Quality-First approach to operations which leads to Outstanding Results including:
-100% Client Retention Rate
-Top 1% of job applicants hired
-95% Employee Retention Rate
-100% College Educated Staff
-80% Graduate Level Diploma Staff
-100% Drug-Free work environment

Time Efficient

Avente clients are provided access to our Proprietary Client Web-Portal that provides complete transparency on:
-Project Status
-Team Breakdown
-Hours Logged per Team Member
-Ticketing Status & Logs
-Communication Channels
-Billing & Contracts

Dedicated Support

Developers are dedicated to client’s for knowledge continuity. Eastern Europe & South America hub’s lead to affordable solutions with US management & results. Global offices for 24/7 coverage including:
-Bucharest, Romania Hub
-Kiev, Ukraine Hub
-Lima, Peru Hub
-Irvine, CA Hub

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